Basic lab

General lab
Markers: Hb, MCV, TSH, fT4, eGFR, Kreatinine, ALAT, ASAT, Na, Ka
This is our general blood package. This contains the most tested blood tests, such as kidney function and liver function. You will also find the thyroid hormone here. It is recommended to do this chec...
Vermoeidheid Basis
Markers: Vitamine D, Vitamine B12, TSH, fT4, Glucose, Hb, MCV, IJzer, Magnesium
Fatigue is a common complaint that is difficult to put a finger on. Fatigue has many causes and it is important to identify these causes. At Labplusarts we beyond just blood tests.
Blood type
Markers: Bloedgroep, Rhesusfactor
With this blood test you can determine your blood group. We also determine the Rhesus factor. A blood group is determined on the basis of antigens on the red blood cells. In general, blood group AB is...
Post-Covid Syndroom Basis
Markers: Hb, MCV, IJzer, BSE, Kreatinine, eGFR, Trombocyten, Vitamine D
Lung complaints such as dry cough and sore throat, muscle weakness, fatigue and malnutrition are symptoms of post-covid syndrome. People who have been infected with the coronavirus may continue to hav...
Markers: Hb, MCV, IJzer, Vitamine B12, BSE, Trombocyten, Reticulocyten, Kreatinine (+eGFR
Anemia can have many causes and can cause unpleasant symptoms. This package therefore looks at various conditions that can cause anemia.
Markers: ALAT, ASAT, gamma-GT, Alkalische fosfatase, bilirubine totaal
Your liver is an important organ. That is why it is important to make sure that your liver is working properly. This package therefore looks at various aspects regarding your liver function in order t...
Markers: Cortisol, TSH, fT4, Vitamine B12, Ferritine
Hair loss is very annoying and occurs in different forms. For example, hair loss can be caused by stress, but an iron deficiency can also be the reason. This package looks at a wide range of causes th...
Urin screening
Markers: pH, glucose, eiwit, ketonen, occult bloed, bilirubine, leucocyten, nitriet
In many cases it is easy to read from your urine whether there are certain conditions in your body. This is because it is often quickly clear that there are substances in your urine that do not actual...
Markers: eGFR
An eGFR blood test can be used to examine how well the kidneys are functioning. This may be wise to have tested if you have an increased risk of kidney damage or if there is a suspicion of kidney dise...
Protein in urin
Markers: eiwit urine
In many cases it is easy to read from your urine whether there are certain conditions in your body. This is because it is often quickly clear that there are substances in your urine that do not actual...
Markers: D-dimeer
This blood test measures the D-Dimer. A D-dimer is a breakdown product and plays a role in blood clotting. The value may also be increased in infections, pregnancy or DVT.
Markers: Hb, trombocyten, leukocyten
This is our complete blood count test or CBC. This package determines the hemoglobin, platelets and leukocytes. The hemoglobin value can be used to determine whether there is anemia or anemia. thrombo...
Markers: Geen
This concerns the filling of blood tubes from external providers, such as for genetic research or blood tests abroad. We only fill tubes at our location in The Hague. Therefore, you choose the city af...
Compleet bloedbeeld (CBC)
Markers: Hemoglobine, leukocyten, trombocyten
Blood sample analysis for the number of red blood cells (hemoglobin), white blood cells (leukocytes) and platelets (thrombocytes). The CBC measures the quantity of hemoglobin (protein present in red b...
Allostatic Stress Load - Healsens
Markers: Cortisol, DHEA-S, CRP, Triglyceriden, Albumine, Cholesterol, TSH, HbA1C
Phenoage - Healsens
Markers: Glucose, CRP, Leukocyten + diff, Bloedbeeld groot, Alk. fosfatase, creatinine, albumine
Various calculators of biological age have been developed, which allow us to assess the impact of lifestyle on the aging process. One such biomarker is DNAm PhenoAge, a biological age biomarker develo...

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions