Markers: Glucose, HbA1C, albumine (urine)
Diabetes comes in various types and sizes. In this condition, the body cannot respond properly to insulin or does not produce it at all. As a result, there is an accumulation of sugar (glucose) in the...
Cholesterol basic
Markers: LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglyceriden, totaal cholesterol, Risico Index
Determining cholesterol levels is one of the most requested blood tests. It's a good indicator of your health, and high cholesterol is a risk factor for heart and vascular diseases, including stroke (...
Heart complete
Markers: LDL, HDL, triglyceriden, totaal cholesterol, Risico Index, Kreatinine, eGFR, Glucose, HbA1C, NT-proBNP
Hart Compleet provides a comprehensive overview of your heart and vascular health. We test for common complaints and measure fats, sugars, and kidney function.
Cholesterol extensive
Markers: Hb, MCV, HDL, LDL, Totaal Cholesterol, Triglyceriden, Vitamine D, Vitamine B12
This package is an extensive cholesterol blood package. It contains the most tested blood tests, such as cholesterol measurement, vitamin D and vitamin B12 and Hb. It is recommended to have this check...
Markers: Glucose, Insuline, HOMA
In this study we measure insulin resistance using insulin and glucose. These two values are determined on an empty stomach. This means that you should not consume anything except water for 12 hours be...

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Frequently Asked Questions