Frequently Asked Questions

Blood tests & Lab markers

Answers regarding blood tests you can order

We organized the individual markers in packages that best fit into a diagnosis group. For example the Hemoglobin value is always coupled with the MCV value for determining what type of anemia might be present. <br><br>If you'd like a custom test package, please contact us via email or chat. We can add the test to your package or create a custom package.
You can order multiple tests at once. This is recommended, because you will only visit once and less vials will be necessary.
You can cancel your order until you have received an e-mail from Zorgdomein. Usually, you will receive this e-mail within 24 hours of your order. In case of cancellation, you will be refunded the order cost minus the transaction costs (max. €10). After you have received the Zorgdomein e-mail, the order cannot be canceled. Let op, bij het annuleren van een Rijbewijskeuring krijgt u ongeacht de verwijzing de kosten terug, min de transactiekosten van maximaal 25 euro.
In that case you are eligible for a refund. Please send an e-mail to request this.
The interpretation of a blood test is dependant on among others age and gender. We always ask this information. Furthermore, we also ask your full and correct last name since we are legally obliged to provide your BSN number.

All of our employees are subject to medical secrecy laws. Your results are not to be given to others without your permission. Your results in the Portal are behind an encrypted connection.
Blood testing through the family physician is paid by you until your deductible. To keep healthcare costs low, insurance companies make concessions. There is no broad testing, usually not preventive and testing is also slower. This way you lose time (and health). Financially, it might be cheaper yes.

Blood draw & Locations

Questions regarding the locations and blood testing on site

Voor het bloedprikken verschillen de openingstijden per locatie. Op de pagina Priklocaties kunt u de openingstijden vinden. Sommige priklocaties zijn in het weekend open.
We use among others the infracture of the Family Physician Laboratory Foundation. Your blood will always be analzed in certified laboratories.
Many locations offer walk-ins. You don't need an appointment. Some only work with appointments to prevent long waiting times. You can make appointments in your Portal area.
No, this is not always the case. You can find information on whether fasting is necessary under the -Bijzonderheden- section on the blood test page
Most results are reported within some days. However, some results take longer, such as in the case of cultures. You can find on the blood test page if a certain test takes longer.
You need to bring the Zorgdomein form with you to the blood draw location. You have received this form via e-mail. You should also bring your ID along, to minimze fraud.

Health & Results

Questions regarding your health and your blood test results

All lab and blood tests will be accompanied with interpretation and/or advice of a experienced physician. If a test is very abnormal, you will be called.
This is possible. You can request an e-consult and the same physician that reported your tests will meet with you during an e-consult.
Certainly. You receive concrete steps to improve your health and well-being. Preventie is the most important aspect when it comes to being healthy. Prevention is better than healing. Outdated healthcare systems are unfortunately focused on treatment rather than prevention. You are the master of your health.