Extensive lab

Comprehensive blood test
Markers: BSE, CRP, Glucose, HbA1c, urine screening, PSA, cholesterolen, evt. e-consult, Hb, MCV, TSH, fT4, eGFR, Kreatinine, ALAT, ASAT, Na, Ka
This is our extensive blood package. This contains the most tested blood values. It is recommended to do this check once every six months to get a complete picture of your health.
Metalen intoxicatie
Markers: 2 metalen naar keuze
With a blood test for metals you can see whether there are traces of metals (lead, lithium or copper) in your blood. Since this is a quantitative test, you will also receive the amounts .
Post-Covid Syndroom Uitgebreid
Markers: Hb, MCV, IJzer, BSE, Kreatinine, eGFR, CK, LD, Leukocyten, Magnesium, ALAT, Albumine
Pulmonary complaints such as dry cough and sore throat, muscle weakness, fatigue and malnutrition are symptoms of post-covid syndrome. People who have been infected with the coronavirus may continue t...
Vermoeidheid Uitgebreid
Markers: Vitamine D, Vitamine B12, TSH, fT4, Glucose, MCV, Ferritine, BSE, CBC (trombo, Leuko, Hb)
Fatigue is a common complaint that is difficult to put a finger on. Fatigue has many causes and it is important to identify these causes. At Labplusarts we go further than just blood tests.
Tambre Algemeen
Markers: Zie Inhoud
This is the general examination for the IVF treatment at Tambre clinics. Testing is done for blood group, Rhesus factor, a general blood test, biochemical examination, coagulation values, thyroid valu...
Tambre SOA
Markers: Zie Inhoud
This is the general examination for IVF treatment at Tambre clinics. It tests for Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C, HIV, CMV, Toxoplasmosis and Rubella.
Tambre Hormonen
Markers: Zie Inhoud
This is the hormone research for IVF treatment at Tambre clinics. LH, FSH, Oestradiol, TSH and AMH are tested.
Tambre Trombofilie
Markers: antitrombine III concentratie en activiteit, proteïne C of proteïne S activiteit en factor V Leiden
This is the thrombophilia and antiphospholipid syndrome test for IVF treatment at Tambre clinics. It is tested for antithrombin III concentration and activity, protein C activity or protein S activity...
Mercure Haartransplantatiekliniek
Markers: CBC, ferritine, PT, aPTT, Lever, Cholesterol, Nierfunctie, vitamine D en B12, Zink, CRP, Hepatitis B, C en HIV, TSH (+evt. fT4), Glucose, Natrium, Kalium, Testosteron, Selenium, Magnesium, Foliumzuur, Prolactine
Hair loss is very annoying and occurs in different forms. Mercure Hair Transplant Clinic is a clinic with several branches, including in Amersfoort and Istanbul. The treatment takes place in Istanbul....

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions