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Preventive blood testing made easy

Private lab testing in 350+ locations without referral

Professional testing

Self-tests do not always provide reliable and consistent results. That's why Labplusarts chooses to have the tests professionally administered at a testing location. We have made this process as simple as possible for you.

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    Find the test that suits you

    Information on various health topics and a clear overview of our extensive test offerings. Through the website, you can easily determine which test may be relevant for you. Do you need assistance in making a choice or would you like to customize your own package? Feel free to contact us.

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    Choose a testing location

    We conduct tests at 350+ locations across the Netherlands, ensuring there is always a location near you. During the ordering process, you can easily select your preferred testing location, and after payment, you can schedule an appointment. Choose where and when it suits you.

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    Get tested

    During your appointment, one of our medical professionals will collect your sample. Subsequently, your sample will be examined in the laboratory.

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    Truly reliable results with understandable explanations

    Because your sample is taken professionally, the results are consistent. Your test results are evaluated by one of our own doctors and accompanied by thorough advice. We believe it's important that you understand what the results mean for you. We ensure this by providing explanations about the test and the significance of your values.

There is always a location near you

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Het integreren van bloedonderzoek stelt je als zorgprofessional in staat om effectief verschillende gezondheidsvragen aan te pakken. Ons laboratoriumonderzoek bevestigen analyses, sluiten oorzaken uit en monitoren de voortgang van de cliƫnt

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