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Markers: Oestradiol, FSH, LH, Prolactine, Progesteron


You will usually receive the results of these female hormone determinations within 24 hours.

The blood test for hormones for women provides insight into the female sex hormones. These female hormones are important to measure if, for example, you have problems with reproduction or other hormonal imbalance symptoms. This can be done, for example lethargy, fatigue, depression and reduced libido are symptoms. We measure estradiol E2, progesterone, FSH and LH and prolactin. Women's hormone balance is partly maintained by these hormones. What exactly is measured in these female hormone blood tests?

What do we determine in the blood test for female hormones?

Ovulation test: Progesterone

A progesterone test is also called the ovulation test or the pregnancy check test. It is performed to determine ovulation, which takes place in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. It is also used during pregnancy to determine a possible ectopic pregnancy or early miscarriage . The function of progesterone is to maintain the uterine lining during pregnancy. This allows a fertilized egg to implant. A drop in progesterone indicates the start of menstruation. Progesterone is often measured by couples undergoing IVF treatments or infertility treatments to test whether ovulation is actually occurring.

Female hormones: estradiol

Estradiol is the most important female sex hormone. Estradiol is part of the estrogen group and is produced in the ovaries under the influence of LH and FSH. Testosterone is converted into estradiol with the help of the enzyme aromatase. Estradiol thus ensures the development of female sexual characteristics such as breast formation and body shape. During pregnancy it ensures the maturation of the uterine wall. It also ensures the maintenance of the bone structure. Bone growth is dependent on estradiol. Estradiol is often increased in pregnancy and tumors of the ovaries or adrenal glands and it is decreased in, among other things, anorexia nervosa.

Female hormones: FSH and LH

FSH is used to determine menopause and when investigating fertility problems (infertility). FSH plays an important role in follicle stimulation and together with LH it ensures the production of the female hormone estradiol. After ovulation, it also produces progesterone together with LH. LH causes ovulation from the mature follicle.

Female hormones: Prolactin

Prolactin is tested for fertility problems and disrupted milk secretion during pregnancy. It occurs in low concentrations in women and men, but may be increased in pregnant women. This is normal. An abnormal increase occurs, for example, in milk secretion from the nipples, headaches, infertility in both men and women. It can also cause erection problems in men. Prolactin suppresses FSH and LH.

When to choose this test?

Choose the female hormone blood test when:
  • For complaints of infertility or infertility
  • For menopausal complaints or complaints that resemble an early menopause
  • For an irregular menstrual cycle or headache
  • With IVF treatments

When these hormones testing?

In the case of complaints described here, it is recommended to do this test once. For results where the suspicion of abnormalities at organ level becomes plausible, follow-up tests can be considered.
The accuracy of the test for Hormonen vrouw is conducted through ISO-certified laboratories. The accuracy of a test method is expressed in terms of specificity and sensitivity. However, the most important aspect is that the results are interpreted and accepted among general practitioners and hospitals. This is the case with our venous samples. Mutual acceptance may not always be present due to potentially reduced reliability with a capillary sample.
Most tests generally take 24-48 hours. Tests that go through an LC-MS method generally take longer, think about an average of 3-7 working days. Additionally, it also depends on the location. Some locations do the analysis themselves and others outsource it to another lab.
Interpreting the results of Hormonen vrouw is not always easy and should be seen in the broader picture, along with anamnesis and physical examination. In the doctor's advice section, the query in which you can already outline your complaints is taken into account, otherwise, the results are interpreted in conjunction with the other results. If necessary, the doctor can call to ask about physical abnormalities. You don't have to interpret the results yourself because there is always advice and explanation from the doctor.
If the results of the test for Hormonen vrouw are clinically significantly abnormal, the doctor will contact you by phone. If you are not reachable, you will receive an email. This includes advice and an explanation of the abnormal results and what you can do about them. If you need a prescription or referral, we can help with that.
The costs of Hormonen vrouw can be found on the product page. Depending on your insurance and additional packages, you may be reimbursed for these costs for Hormonen vrouw. For example, tests for IVF treatment are often reimbursed. After your order, you will receive an invoice that you can submit to your insurance.
The ordering process is easy. You can add a Hormonen vrouw test or the tests you want to your shopping cart. In step two, you fill in your details and pay. Then you will receive an email confirmation and you can go to a collection location. After you have been there, you will receive the results of the Hormonen vrouw test in your Portal.
We are certified-ready according to the NEN 7510 and 7512 standards for secure data transfer in healthcare. The Portal is secured with two-factor authentication. Your data is also encrypted. We do not send the results of Hormonen vrouw to third parties without permission, not even to your general practitioner without your consent.
The blood test for Hormonen vrouw must take place at one of the collection locations we provide. At certain locations, it is possible for a phlebotomist to come to you. You can indicate this during checkout. An appointment will then be made as soon as possible to come to your home.
You can easily make an appointment for Hormonen vrouw blood test after your order in your Portal. You can visit almost daily in all major cities in the Netherlands. In smaller cities, you can visit on certain days. At certain locations, it is also possible to visit on weekends.
An interpretation by a doctor or an explanation is included in the Hormonen vrouw test. The explanation takes into account the query that you can specify in your Portal after ordering.
For blood tests, we always use venous sampling. This is the gold standard for blood collection. Over-the-counter tests, such as a finger prick test, use the capillary route for blood collection. These do not always give the same results and the accuracy depends on how, where, and with which technique the collection is done. The advantage, of course, is that the test is easier and less painful to take.
You can always pay with iDeal and credit card (VISA, Mastercard, and Amex). This also includes Apple Pay. The phlebotomists at the collection location cannot accept cash payments.
The results of Labplusarts can be shared with your general practitioner at your request. However, you can also easily arrange this yourself by downloading the result in PDF format. Because we use comparable test methods as the general practitioner, the results are interchangeable and comparable so that comparisons can be made well.
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