Blood testing for you as a healthcare provider

Currently, many healthcare professionals utilize Labplusarts' health assessments in their practice. Are you also considering incorporating diagnostics into your practice? Discover here how health tests provide insights, support you in analyses and lifestyle advice, and help you track the progress of a treatment plan.

Integrating health assessments into your practice

As a healthcare professional, you face various health-related questions. Questions that, together with the client, you seek answers to, exploring the causes of issues and finding the most appropriate solutions. Health tests assist you and the client in this process. With a test, you can confirm your analyses, rule out causes, or monitor a client's progress. Has a lifestyle adjustment had an effect, and what is that effect? Our tests provide that insight. We can gather a lot of information about the body's health from blood values, urine, and hormone status. Information that helps you find the cause of health issues or assist the client in living a healthier life. In short, with health tests, you can better assist your clients. That is precisely why we started Labplusarts. At Labplusarts, we make reliable diagnostics accessible to professionals and consumers.

The benefits of collaborating with Labplusarts

Do you want to integrate laboratory testing into your practice? Labplusarts is here for you! Our range includes more than 100 different tests, categorized into blood, intestinal, and urine examinations. An offering that is continuously expanding. For our partners, we create a special partner portal. This customer portal offers the following possibilities:

How collaboration and testing with Labplusarts work

Wil je als professional samenwerken met Labplusarts? Geweldig! Een samenwerking met Labplusarts begint met een (online) kennismakingsgesprek. Daarna weten we precies wat jij zoekt en hoe wij daar zo goed mogelijk bij kunnen helpen. Na het gesprek krijg je toegang tot ons partnerportaal en kun je tests bestellen. Stuur ons een e-mail ( met jouw wensen, en we komen spoedig bij je terug voor een online afspraak. Na de kennismaking volgt de aanmelding op het portaal en kan de samenwerking van start.