Taking care of the employees

Labplusarts offers various proactive medical screenings (PMS/PMO). We aim to optimize the health and vitality of the team, which is crucial for a resilient organization, both in the short and long term. Various factors, such as absenteeism due to illness, aging, and mental well-being, can impact the team's productivity and employability.

Psychological complaints, burnout, or excessive stress significantly contribute to sick leave. Stress-related issues cause much distress to the employee and represent a significant cost for the employer. Therefore, a health check focused on stress-related complaints is relevant for many sectors. Additionally, many people in the Netherlands suffer from cardiovascular diseases. When an employee is absent due to cardiovascular issues, it is often for an extended period. Many companies opt for a basic health check that includes testing for cholesterol, a fatty substance. Cholesterol is essential for the proper functioning of our bodies. However, elevated cholesterol is unhealthy and increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Honesty about health

At Labplusarts, we value preventive health checks. We use validated tests, making our approach fully scientifically supported. No socially desirable answers or a generic approach, but an objective reflection that employees need for sustainable health management.

Labplusarts ensures peace of mind

We take away all organizational concerns, requiring minimal effort for test implementation. We come to locations to collect blood samples. After the tests, we send them to the laboratory. The personal results are assessed by our medical team and provided with advice. This information is communicated to both the employee and the study supervisor.

The benefits of collaborating with Labplusarts are as follows:

Whether it's a basic health check with measurements of cholesterol and blood sugar or a comprehensive test, we help make the right choice and provide maximum support in the PMO and PMS trajectory.

How collaboration and testing with Labplusarts work

Wij staan klaar voor een kennismaking en om te bespreken welke mogelijkheden het beste aansluiten bij uw organisatie. Samen kunnen we de meest geschikte gezondheidschecks bepalen op basis van jullie behoeften
Een samenwerking met Labplusarts begint met een (online) kennismakingsgesprek. Daarna hebben we een duidelijk beeld van de behoeften en passen we ons aanbod hierop aan. Stuur ons een e-mail (partners@labplusarts.nl) met de wensen, en we nemen spoedig contact op voor een afspraak.